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Web hosting is important to your plans
if you want your website to have its own niche on the Internet.

Top 6 Hosting Sites


99.84% Uptime

Free drag and drop iPage Website Builder
Hundreds of mobile-friendly templates
SEO marketing tools
Freedom to upload files with FTP
Flexibility to create a blog, online store, or website


 99.97% Uptime

50% off the first month with added discounts the first year
Real-time redundancy powered by a cloud infrastructure
FREE cPanel/WHM licenses with enterprise-grade CentOS
FREE server management for patches and updates


99.9% Uptime

They offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Server and WordPress Hosting packages for those just starting out all the way up to the professionals. You can rely on us for 24/7/365 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee. 


 99.89% Uptime

FREE domain name
Included point-and-click website builders
24/7 support
Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, emails, and databases
GREEN: Powered 100% by wind energy


99.99% Uptime

They have always been pioneers in inventing there own advanced web hosting security solutions. They have minimized the downtime risk to levels which companies, relying on the available mass solutions, could never achieve.

A2 hosting

99.9% Uptime

They have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a low traffic, brand new blog or own a popular business site, A2 Hosting has got you covered!

3 Type of Hosting you can buy

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting service refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is amortized over many customers.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service.
A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. For many purposes they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, 

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. There is also another level of dedicated or managed hosting commonly referred to as complex managed hosting. 

Hosting Prices and Plans


36 months hosting plan
$ 3.25/mo.
Hosting your website with iPage goes beyond unlimited disk space, a free domain name and unlimited email addresses. Our comprehensive tools and training help you launch your entire web presence above your competition.
  • Unlimited disk space
  •  Unlimited domain names 
  • Scalable bandwidth


12 months hosting plan
$ 3.95/mo.
The StartUp Plan gives you all the essential hosting features you need to accommodate a "just getting started" website or an existing average-size blog, personal, or business website. The StartUp Plan works well even for smaller online shops with a reasonable number of products.
  • 10GB Web Space
  • One Website
  • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visiters 


2 years hosting plan
$ 5.99/mo.
Host your website on our powerful servers, supported by our WordPress experts and designed to provide the best WordPress Hosting. Whether you need to transfer a WordPress website or need to install a new WordPress site, our friendly support team has all your hosting needs covered.
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • 2 Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


1 year hosting plan
$ 3.95/mo.
From a small business owner to an individual looking for a fully loaded web hosting plan on a budget, GreenGeeks provides you with everything you need for your website.
  • Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • Unlimited Domains 
  • FREE Website Builder 

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service provides a service that allows individuals and businesses to post web pages to the internet. A web hosting service provider sells or for free (with advertisements on the web page) is a business that provides the servers and technologies to view web-sites on the internet.

Web hosting services are services that customers can utilize after they have purchased monthly dial up or broadband services that allow them access to the internet. Web hosting services use hosting and client architecture to load content to the server so web pages and information can be viewed on the internet in its original HTML format.

A web hosting company will offer clients access to a server that will provide the clients’ content to individuals on the World Wide Web after they make a URL or domain name request. To view pages on the web, you must have a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to request the web page from the server after you have purchased internet access.

Web sites are pages that are stored on a computer called a server. The server is a part of a network of computers on the internet or World Wide Web that allows users of the internet to reach your site anywhere in the world at anytime. The internet is open 24 hours, seven days a week around the clock.

Host computers are configured so that when your URL or domain name is typed in, the address will use a pointer routine (look for the address from terminal to terminal) until it reaches the computer that hosts your web-site. Then, if all is okay, your web site should display itself on the users screen.

Hosting companies require that you buy your URL or domain name first before you purchase hosting services. Most hosting companies have a package that will allow you to buy the domain name and hosting at the same time.

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